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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How to Mod an XboX with pictorial...

Okay. Last night, I'm on XBOX live playing Halo2 with some friends. I have one friend who's a techie dude and seems to know his stuff, but either way he's a good lad and fun to play with. Back to the story...

I'm in the pregame lobby and some random kid jumps into the lobby and starts asking me how to mod his XboX. All of a sudden, another 4 people emerge from the woodwork and we have a full on conference. Now the thing is, I've never modded an XboX and I don't really know how. But I do love an audience and I have a pretty quick mind/tongue (And my other friend is the same).

So these kids, who talked like they were 2 score short of an adam's apple, were listening intently. I privately messaged my friend as to my gameplan and the hijinks ensued. I won't bore every reader with the details, but let's just say that when we were done, there will be 4 kids feeling like idiots at Circuit City tomorrow when they're looking for ModChips, along with the SATA interface and the 3DFX Voodoo instruction chipset. I mean, if you don't understand XboX component names ("What's a Pentinum? I think my uncle has one of those?!") of or what a hard drive is ("That's the box, right?"), you should NOT be thinking about soldering things onto your motherboard, rodding your hard drive and changing your O/S. I wish I coulda taped the conversation. Later Playas,

The Armchair XboX Masta


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