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Friday, February 24, 2006

And now back to our regularly scheduled madness...

Yup. Enough with the Chuck Norris Jokes. Now for a tale of the unexpected...

Today a woman comes in and says:

Woman: Hi. I came by a few days ago and looked at a computer and now I want to see it again beacuse I'm thinking about buying it.

Me: Okay. Do you know which one it was that you were looking at?

W: It was a computer.

M: (already foreseeing where this is going...and crying on the inside...) okay. Was it a desktop or a laptop?

W: I don't remember. It was something like $699 or $799 or something like that...under a thousand I think.

M: Well, was it one of these small portable ones or one of these big styles?

W: Oh...uh...I'm kinda computer illiterate. I don't know. (That comment DOESN'T apply here! We're talking about remembering the shape of a BOX, not system specs or something! ARGH!)

M: Well, who did you talk to?

W: One of the sales guys.

M: (lists all five possible names) Was it one of them?

W: I think his name was Albert.

M: Hmmm...there's no 'Albert' here. (There's nobody with a name that phonetically sounds anything like 'Albert') Did he write anything down or give you some sort of quote?

W: Yeah. I left it at home.

M: Okay...Was he tall, short?

W: Taller than me (woman is like 5'0).

M: Glasses?

W: I wasn't paying attention.

M: What color was his hair?

W: uh...let's see...hmmm....

M: Was he a larger fellow or a skinny guy?

W: Oh...I forget.


And the conversation continued on like that for like 10 minues. She didn't remember who she talked to, what he looked like (even in the most rudimentary details...sheesh!), whether it was a desktop or a laptop, what the price even was, or any single detail of their conversation whatsoever. After 10 minutes, she admitted that she didn't even know if my store was the one she originally came too.

After we moved on, I tried to show her some stuff but she was quite determined to only get the deal that she had discussed with someone at some store some time in the past beacuse that deal, and that deal alone was what she wanted to look at. Not even buy...just examine! She eventually thanked me for showing her some things and whatnot, but went home to get her original quote. She forgot her car in my parking lot and is most likely in El Salvador now, wondering why her key won't fit in her front door. Until Next Time,

The Armchair...uh...hold on a sec...uhm...something starting with a "G"...oh....uh...whatever!


  • Some how I feel warm and fuzzy after this post.

    By Blogger Markio, at 8:32 AM  

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