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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why I am so filled with frustration...

Here's another taste of my average day:

Me: Thanks for calling (store name...rhymes with "Asian Poodle Sprinkler"...well not really), this is The Armchair Geek talking. How can I help you?

Dinglebert McGee: Hey, I bought my computer there a while ago and had some questions.

Me: Okay. What's on your mind?

Dinglebert McGee: Well, I've been shopping around and I've found that I can get a way better deal somewhere else, so I'd like to return it.

Me: Oh? Well, let's see what you bought. (pulls up file on computer)

Dinglebert McGee: I want to game and this thing doesn't have as much stuff as one I've been looking at. I want to return it.

Me: (Stutter) Uhm...it looks like you bought it here around 5 and a half months ago. It's a little late to return it now...what's wrong with it?

Dinglebert McGee: Well, nothing is wrong. It's just that I kinda feel ripped off because I could buy a lot more for the same money.

Me: (sigh) Well, what are you looking at?

Dinglebert McGee: (reads off a list of specs...dual core A64, GeForce 7800GTX, 2 gig ram, etc.) And that thing is like $1580. That's like the same amount that I paid for mine and that's like way more stuff than mine for the same price.

Me: Well, does it come with a monitor?

Dinglebert McGee: no.

Me: Printer?

Dinglebert McGee: No.

Me: Does that price include tax?

Dinglebert McGee: No.

Me: What web site is that from again?

Dinglebert McGee: (gives url address...)

Me: Uh, okay. I've don't usually defend myself a whole lot, but I'm going to explain some things for you. First off, that price is from an American web site. That means that it's in American dollars. Plus there's taxes too...so that system is more around the $2,000 mark. Secondly, it has no printer, monitor, or even operating system on it. That machine is a bunch of assembled parts. That also will add to the price. Thirdly, you paid like $1179 for a system, monitor, printer, and whatnot and that price included taxes. That's like $400 less than the price you gave me. That machine you're looking at is well over double the cost of the one I sold you. I sold you a machine with a decent video card for like $700. So for WAY less than half the money, you got half the system...five months ago. That still seems like a good deal. So, if you want to spend like $2500, go ahead!

Dinglebert McGee: Hmmm...well, I guess. Well, how much is a new video card?

Me: Well, you can spend as much as you want. They range from $100 to $700. I'm not a parts dealer though, but I can tell you where you shop. You should go check out (names local stores).

Dinglebert McGee: Okay. thanks.

Well, that was a good call, but a typical problem. "I bought it 5 months ago and want to return it because there are cheaper things out there now". Bow Wow. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Geek


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