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Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Question of the day!

Here it is. The coveted Golden Gong award for January 21st goes to the dude who asked this question:

"This one (computer) has 512 and that one has 1024. Is that more?"

I honestly stared at him for like 2 seconds, wondering if he was being serious or not. He was serious. For some reason, he thought RAM was something like 'latency' or something. Bigger numbers meant worse performance. Probably unsafe for that dude to shop alone...because I smell someone about to be taken advantage of...uh, at someone else's store of course. Not mine. I didn't sell him anything...I couldn't with a clear conscience. Doh...Nice guys finish last.

Until Next Time,
The Armchair Geek

Just so you all don't run headlong into a life of crime:

>>>Nice guys finish last, but they die on a matress. Nasty guys get shanked after their gang rape in the shower room on cell block D.<<<

Something to ponder


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