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Friday, January 20, 2006


This post was HORNSWAGGLED by that good for nothing Armchair Theologian! I was originally made for MY blog, but HE stoled it and put it on his blog! What a freaking N00B! ROFL! Has such crappy posts that he's gotta steal good ones from me! Sheesh! Anyway, here's the posts that was supposed to be on this blog:


Thank God for rock and roll. For sure. I wonder what was going on in his mind in eternity past when he dreamed up music, and rock and roll in particular. It's sometimes so therepeutic...ha!

Okay. I had one seriously funny conversation yesterday. Several days ago, a woman called and just about crawled through the phone at me because a piece of $2 (literally) software that she bought at some 'hole-in-the-wall' store didn't work. She was making all sorts of illogical leaps (of course, I ripped her off, among others) and she got real mad. I offered some ideas and I tried to help her out over the phone, but she basically hung up on me.

So yesterday, she came in with the software and asked me to 'fix it'. So, I broke out by C++ and completely re-wrote the code in like 3 minutes. Yup.

NO! Just kidding. I installed the software on like 6 computers and it didn't work on any of them. Some sort of error involving not having enough ram (on a machine with 1 gig of ram). After 6 tries and no success, she then started to get worked up at the guy at the software shop. I told her that the problem wasn't her computer, and seeing that 6 other brand new ones couldn't run it, the problem was most likley that the software had some stupid problem with it (like it was most likely for an Amiga). She then said she was going to go and get her money back and left in a huff, though she thanked me for my excellent help.

I couldn't help but chadizzle at her contrafibularities. I mean, she was like 45 years old or something. How can you live that long and still run all higgldy-piggldy everytime you get a cork in your clogs? I mean, don't people ever learn to simmer down and not slap the tuna before the final chicken's plucked? You'd think that if a person constantly egged the whitehouse everytime someone planted peas in the cabbage patch, they'd be roomies with Colonel Sanders. That just springs a cog in my Chevy. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Victim of Hornswaggling


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