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Monday, January 23, 2006

Defcon 2.3 is approaching...

Okay. Today, a customer is in who wants a computer (the usual). He wants more ram in his computer and wants it installed (the usual). I then put the ram in and charged him for it...and when I tried to give him the invoice for the install, he gawked at me:

"I thought that was included in the cost".

That's sadly also 'as per usual'. The problem is that I tell people up front that I have to charge them for something and they still bitch about it. What's even worse is another person watched the whole thing, and then did the SAME thing. I then almost laughed at him, but not because of his stupid comment. I had to laugh because I have a good friend who works in a Peterbilt dealership who has the same problems all the time. The other day we were comparing tech complaint stories and he told me that he had his 1,000,000th person come in and assume:

"Isn't the install included in the cost of that (miscellaneous semi-truck part)".

Here was his response. I'm going to start saying this from now on:

"Well, it would be if you come back in 2 weeks. We're currently awaiting government approval for our application to be recognized as a non-profit organization. Sadly, until we're officially recognized as a charity, we have to charge money for labor. If you want to come back in 2 weeks, it will be free though. Sorry...my hands are tied."

Apparently some people have left but nobody has come back 2 weeks later. Wonder why? Until Next Time,

The Armchair Mechanic


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