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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A New Experience...

The other day, over the phone, a person called me a f*cking d*ck! I mean, really now?! Come on. That's about pushing the line and approaching rudeness.

His wife called regarding something that they saw at Costco. She apparently saw exactly the same computer and was wondering why our price was way higher than Costco's. (I coincedently went to Costco today and saw what he was talking about...Different brand name, smaller monitor, half the ram, half the hard drive and half the amount of processors? That is probably why the price was different...?!)

Anyway, when she called I asked her to tell me the specs on the Costco computer. She didn't have a clue but insisted that they were exactly the same as the one that I had. We talked for a few minutes and in that time I attempted to explain thatI did match competitors prices but needed a paper quote to know that I'm matching apples to apples and not apples to oranges. (I mean, what do you say when it's half the cost and she expects you to simply give her your maching for like $300 below cost?) I figured that she understood and I thanked her for her patience and promised her a 'better than average' deal for her patience.

Anyway, after I hung up, the phone rang and a man asked for "the guy who just talked to my wife". I greeted him and he preceded to insult me and call me a f*cking d*ck. Then he hung up. Yup. I think he needed a hug, but he hung up before I could offer. Dang. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Snugglebunny


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