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Saturday, February 25, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different...

...Now, This blog is primarily reserved for tales of idiocy and woe that happen at my primary workplace, and the occasional tsunami of Chuck Norris jokes. BUT tonight, due to the absolutely mind-numbing nature of the conversation that I just had in the car with a certain person, I decided to make an exception. Now I have a person in my life who truly needs his own blog, simply for the preservation of all the absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly insane and irrational things that burst forth from his lips. Tonight, on the way home from somewhere, we were talking and the conversation followed as such (and I'm not sure if he wasn't serious...seriously):

Captain Insano: "...blah blah blah...and one day when I get elected to the communist party of Canada of the dictator of Sweden..."

Me: "Chigga Chigga Chigga WHAT? Dictator of Sweden? What the crap are you talking about?"

Captain Insano: "Well, that's been one of my dreams from childhood. Ever since Bible camp I've wanted to be supreme dictator of Sweden. That would be amazing."

Me: "Uh...okay. Well, isn't Sweden a democratic country? I suspect that this answer will astound me, but with an inadequate sence of dread, I want to know how do you plan to overthrow the democracy of Sweden and set yourself up as supreme dictator?"

Captain Insano: "I plan to be elected."

Me: "Ah. Good plan. Elected to the position of supreme dictator. I'm confident that the voting citizens would gladly toss out their democracy and embrace your demo-crazy."


And the conversation continued with my friend trying to explain how he'd become elected to the position of 'supreme dictator of Sweden'. A few more comments like that, and I will start a blog dedicated to the preservation of his insanity. I am utterly almost speechless. HA! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Dictator of Sweden


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