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Friday, March 30, 2007

What is going on in Redmond?

Okay. Second gripe of the day. I honestly think that this commercial contains stock footage of the software development department at Bungie Studios. I mean, Bungie.net has the announcement of new Halo 2 maps that are going to be released on April 17th. They'll be offered for $4 and they'll add extra venues to get your frag on...but wait a minute! The announcement reads that one is called "Tombstone" and is actually the Halo 1 map "Hang em High" where as the second map is called Desolation and is actually the Halo 1 map "Desolation". Now the textures on the walls are different, and "Tombstone", er, "Hang Em High" has water in the trench, but WHO does Bungie think they're fooling?

Apparently, Bungie took some lessons from ole' sneaky Bill Gates! Why make new maps when you can, with 1/20th the work, jazz up a bunch of old maps and sell them again? Didn't people buy Halo 2 in order to buy a new and better game? I mean, Bungie could have saved themselves a whole load of money and simply added the Halo 2 maps to the original Halo!

Oh, and while we're griping about Halo, can anyone figure out why I have to buy Vista to play Halo 2 for the PC? I mean, who cares about the rapid install garbage? It's NOT using DX10 and it's a 4 year old game that ran on the original XboX, which was a PIII 700 mhz with a 64 meg Geforce 3 series card!

Will Bungie and Microsoft quit screwing around and start making things worth spending money on? This is enough to make a guy chuck his PC out the window...but don't worry. I'm not going to do something INSANE like buy a Mac or something. I was thinking about picking up an Amiga though. Until Next Time,

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  • I came to confess, I am the sole reason for Halo 2 - PC being Vista only. I hacked Microsoft and stole some base code for the XP version of Halo 2 and the world will forever pay the price. As for the maps, Bungie's busy working on Halo 3 so we can watch funnier and more elaborate Red Vs. Blue and can't be bothered to think up new maps for Halo 2. Now, back to bringing down the MPAA.

    By Anonymous blackjack, at 11:15 AM  

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