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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Holy Snaps...

...I wrote too soon. People are stinking nuts. A guy comes in today with a digital camera that is like 6 months old. There are several pieces of plastic broken off the camera. There's an impact scratch on one corner and the housing is bent, with a several centimeter gap on one side of the housing where it's busted open. When it turns on, it makes a loud grinding noise and hums noisily. He then tries to complain that the velvet case hooked on something and broke his camera. He gets a blank stare. When he's questioned, he maintains that he's never let anyone other than himself touch it and he's meticuously careful with his camera and it had to be the case broke the camera. That's the only logical option. Obviously. Unfortunately, there was some question as to the veracity of his claims. Before the conversation could continue, he told us to 'shove it' and stormed out of the store. Apparently we should just replace the one he tossed on the floor and busted and when we didn't do that, we're doing something wrong. Sadly, he stormed out before I had a chance to find help him overcome his condition of being a fool. Oh well...you can't help everyone. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Customer Service Rep.


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