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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Speechless in Seattle...

...Well, I'm not in Seattle, but I am speechless. Consider the following phone call conversation:

Customer: Hello?

Me: Hello.

C: Hey. I bought a computer from you and the DVD burner doesn't work.

M: Oh? It doesn't burn DVD's?

C: No. I cannot get it to burn the DVD's!

M: Well, let's trouble shoot. What exactly are you doing?

C: Well, I rented some movies from Blockbuster and I'm trying to make copies of them.

M: ???!!!

C: Hello?

M: Uh, I'm afraid that I cannot help you break the law.

C: What? That's not against the law! Everyone does it!

M: You rented the movies. Do you think that Blockbuster would have simply given them to you? Are movies usually free?

C: F*ck this! When I bought a computer from you, you guys said that you'd give me support when I needed help. You guys are a bunch of f*cking liars!

M: Well, I cannot help you break the law. I'm sorry if you're upset at my uprightness, but I would no more be able to help you steal movies then I would be able to help you traffic marijuana.

C: Well F*ck you too!

M: Have a great day!

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