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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wing the Wong Num-ba...

I'm pretty sure someone out there is extraordinarily confused. The following conversation just happened over the phone:

Customer: Hello, do you sell I-Pods?

Me: No, we don't. You could check out (names various shops).

Customer: Okay, thanks.


The thing is, the same guy called back a second time and asked the same thing.

Then he called back a third time and I told him he had a wrong number.

If he calls back again to ask if we had I-Pods, I'm going to tell him we have them on sale for 75% off with a free I-trip, I-talk, car adapter and USB connecting cable and we only have 3 left and he'd better rock down to the store before they're all sold out.

So far, he hasn't called. I hope he does though. I need some entertainment today. Until Next Time,

The Armchair I-Pod


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