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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Coveted Golden Gong Is Awarded Early!

Yes shopping fans. Today, unlike most days, sees the coveted golden gong award beling delivered early in the day, before the other competition has even arrived, to what judges suspect will be a knockdown performance by 'Mr. Customer'. Here is the instant playback feed from our on the scene cameras:

(Man walks in with family in town; wife, teenage son and teenage daughter)

Customer: Good morning. I saw your ad in the paper and was interested in getting one of those packages.

Me: Great! I've still got two of those systems and I think I've got some of those monitors...let me check.

Customer: Okay...Um, which monitor comes with it?

Me: It's one of these CRT 17 inch monitors here.

C: No, that's not the one in the picture. The one in the picture looks like that.

M: Yes, it does. But the picture in the ad is a picture that the graphic designers most likely found on the internet and put on the ad. It's not meant to show exactly what you're getting but instead is meant to be give a general idea of what the product looks like; ie. whether it's a laptop or desktop. That's why there's a disclaimer on the bottom that says "Not all systems as illustrated."

C: (obviously getting angry) WHAT?! What kind of f*cking bullsh*t FALSE advertising is that? What a bunch of BULLSH*T! (turns and storms out, with wife getting red faced and embarrased and both adolescents rolling their eyes.)

M: Okay. Have a great day!

***One word. Wow. I'm curious as to how people with such short fuses live to be 40. I must admit that for me, at such encounters, it's very difficult to choke back laughter. None the less, I hope Mr. Customer enjoys shopping in the 21st century. I wonder if he's ever been on the internet where everyone is truthful and where there's never misleading information about anything? He should meet Frank Chu. In fact, you should too. Here's some links about my favorite nutcase on the web. Be warned. Frank is crazy go nuts. Check these out:






Oh Yeah! Vive le Zegnatronic Rocket Society! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Nutcase


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