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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Nominee of the day for the Golden Gong!

Okay. I've been at work for less than an hour and I already think I found the Golden Gong recipient of the day. Here's an excerpt from a conversation regarding financing:

Me: Okay. I need some more information. Is your husband working?

Customer: Yes. He's a (profession)

Me: Okay. Who does he work for?

C: (names a person)

M: ?! Is that the company name?

C: No. That's the person he works for.

M: Okay...? What's his after tax take home pay?

C: He doesn't pay taxes. He works for (person) and gets paid under the table so he doesn't pay taxes. He gets paid lots though.

M: Woah...hang on a sec. Your husband works illegally and now you're trying to borrow money from a financial institution. They'll check your income claims against official records and see that your husband isn't officially employed. I'd guess that's not the smartest idea since that information might get into the wrong hands...ie. Revenue Canada. They might have some 'questions' for you when you claim he makes $3,000 a month and they've shown him as 'unemployed' for a decade or whatnot.

C: No, it should be fine. We've never had a problem yet. It's okay.

M: Well, if you say so...

***I'm often surprised at how open people are about things like that. Amazingly, they didn't get financing. I'm stunned. I also saw a "Revenue Canada" car speeding by my store with the driver struggling to load a shotgun while he steered with his knee. Wonder if there's a connection? Until Next Time,

The Armchair Tax Consultant


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