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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Funny Customer Day...

Okay. Every now and then I get a treat. It's a customer that has a good sense of humor and actually has a 'tech friend' who's not a moron. I basically gripe and give 'golden gong' awards on this blog, but today it's a 'happy post'. Conversation excerpts as follows:

Customer: Is this computer fast on the internet?

Me: Well, that depends on what you're doing. It'll be super fast on MSN but not so fast if you're trying to hack a triple firewall on the FBI main servers. You're not going to be hacking the FBI though, are you?

Customer: I don't really use MSN.

Me: That's not a 'no'. Excuse me for a second while I make an inconspicuous phone call.


Customer: So, does this machine have an AGP port?

Me: (winks at tech friend) Well, do know what an AGP port is?

Customer: No, not really.

Me: In that case, it has two.


Tech Friend: What kind of RAM is in this?

Me: PC3200 DDR2 Ram.

Tech Friend: Sata?

Me: Yes.

Tech Friend: Dual Layer?

Me: No.

Customer: What are you talking about?

Me: Politics.

Customer: Oh. Can we get back to finding out if this is the right computer for me?

Tech Friend: We've already established that. Try to keep up. The subject matter has moved with the flow of conversation...gee whiz!

Customer: I'm going out to the car.


Customer: How much is extended warranty?

Me: (gives price). That would cover parts and labour on your system.

Customer: Well, I'm sure (name's tech friend) can fix it for me.

Tech Friend: What? No! I'm not taking the blame when you torch this baby!

Customer: WHAT? What good are you? Why are you here?

Tech Friend: Free lunch.

Customer: What? I never promised you any...

Tech Friend: I'm going out to the car.

Me: Extended warranty?

Customer: Seeing that "Useless McGee" won't help me, give the most you've got!



Good times. The customer told me that shopping for a computer at my store was the most fun they've ever had shopping. Period. I am the shiznizzle. W00t! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Comedian


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