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Saturday, September 24, 2005

It feels so good to be right...

Oh my. Working in computer sales is most likely one of the more frustrating jobs in the whole world. People NEVER listen to you but instead assume that everything you say is a lie, people all think you're an idiot and don't listen to you ever, even after the second and third times they call you with an easy to prevent problem that is a result of their own stupidity, and people somehow think that they deserve a computer at $50 below cost by merit of being annoying enough.


...Every now and then, the same God who in irony allowed the costumed Ahab to take an arrow in the side puts his ironic/poetic hat back on and flexes his muscles...and when you're around to witness it, it's freaking SWEET!

So, there's a customer that came in a week or more ago and was shopping for a laptop. Alas, our cheapest one was way to much money for him. $499 for a laptop. Apparently we were ripping him off and he figured that he could get a way better deal somewhere else. I told him that if he could find a store with a laptop that was cheaper than $499, he should buy it then. Apparently, we don't share the same definition of 'store'. He brought in a laptop recently for 'fixing'. He had bought it at a 'store'...ie. E-Bay. E-BAY! HA! Now that's not the best part. Apparently, the super cheap laptop he bought on E-Bay doesn't work well...and by 'not work well' I mean 'has a completely pooched motherboard'. And the guy he bought it from has become a mist and has disappeared. "What? NO WARRANTY? WHAT!? Shouldn't a 'new' computer work right out of the box?" I mean, who buys a computer for $300 on E-Bay and thinks it's new?

Well, shoulda bought from me instead of buying a cheap laptop from a Mr. Johnathan Quest on E-Bay (Man, that name sounds familiar...?!). I guess you live and learn. At least, some people do (hopefully). Others remain idiots but shift from being idiots to being angry idiots...who peel rubber out of your parking lot in an audible protest against the injustice of God withholding wisdom from them. Hence all the traffic accidents. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Online Con Artist


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