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Friday, October 21, 2005

So Igor comes into my shop and...

...I just about lost it. You know how some people just completely suck the life out of you? You try to help them and even if you give them something for free with a matching sack of gold bars and a Maserati and they complain that the sack of gold is 'too heavy' and the Maserati gets 'bad milage'. You know those kind of people? Well, one of those recently fell off the turnip truck right outside my shop today and decided to wander in, looking for a snowshoe for tropical use (If you know what I mean...sigh). Here's some conversation excerpts:

Customer: Why does that one have all those holes in the side?

Me: Those are for cooling.

C: I don't like that. Dust will get in there and wreck it. Do you have one without those holes?

M: You want one without holes for cooling?

C: Yes. Something with no holes in the side. Oh geez! This one has those annoying holes too!


Customer: Does this one come with CD's?

Me: Do you mean blank CD's?

C: Yes.

M: Well, it's not typical for computers to come with blank CD's, but if you pick up a system I could throw in a pack for you.

C: Hmmm. What programs are on them?

M: ?!? (inner monologue almost escapes...)


M: This computer has a digital card reader for reading cards from a digital camera.

C: Oh? That one is for digital camera?

M: Yeah. It's pretty convenient to have it on the front like that. Most people like that option.

C: What? That's not very good to have it on the front of the computer! You have to be standing in front of your computer to take a picture!

M: ?!? (look of confusion melts into frustration)


C: So why does this one not have extra warranty?

M: Well, it's not commonplace practice to include extra warranty in the price.

C: That sounds suspicious. If it's so good, why don't you warranty it?

M: Well, if that's a huge point for you, I'll include the warranty.

C: You sure included that warranty quick...why? What's wrong with it?

M: ?!? (fist clenches and arm is barely restrained...)

Well, that's some of the stuff that I remember. I'm sure that I'd need some sort of hypo-therapy to remember the rest. In fact, I need a shower.

Until Next Time,

The Armchair Idiot Magnet


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