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Thursday, November 03, 2005

So, you want everything for next to nothing?

...Uh, yeah. A Customer comes in, looking for a good gaming computer to play a game that isn't even released yet. I check the system specs and show him a system that is $1099 that will do it. His response?

"Well, I only need it for the one game, not every game on the planet. I was thinking of spending around $400. Do you have a good gaming computer for like $400?" (What kind of logic is that? I only need it for one game?)

My response?

"No. There's nothing that costs $400 that would run that game...you need something with a video card to run a huge game like that, and the video card alone would be like $200. You need more horsepower than a $400 system would ever muster."

I then gave him some ideas as to how one could put together a relatively cheap computer and get a decent video card for $800-ish, but he didn't like that option one bit. Apparently, the problem was me, not his silly misinformed ideas.

He left upset and informed me that he was going to go to another store and find someone who could actually serve him and sell him a good gaming computer for $400. I then paused, apologized and told him that I was mistaken. There was a place where he could get a good computer for like $400, but it most likely wasn't worth the $2,000 flight to Dubai.

He didn't like that option either...

Some people are impossible to please! Until Next Time,

The Armchair "I'm going to lie to you to motivate you to buy from me!" Geek


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