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Saturday, March 18, 2006

More Fruits of Boredom...

Okay. I have this tremendous problem now. I have crazy things happen at work, but I forget to write them down and when I get home, I forget what I HAD to blog when I got home. Doh. It's also late, and my mind is in full on 'crazy-go-nuts' mode. So, here's a little story and some completely random and spontaneous poetry in on of my favorite styles; Haiku. Enjoy.


Man brings in laptop
Says when DVD's play back
they're very choppy

Take it to the back
Everything is working fine
Can't figure it out

Next he's on the phone
Says the keyboard doesn't work
wants it fixed for free

Try laptop keyboard
And we try the DVD
Customer smokes crack

Customer returns
Don't hear what is said to him
but he seems quite vexxed

Need to calm things down
And establish dominace
So I hump his leg


Vinyl Siding smells
Oscar Meyer Weiners too
I live in a swamp

Can't forget the list
Gotta buy some groceries
And prosthetic thumbs

sweating at the gym
Muscles flex and muscles strain
I should eat more prunes

On my second date
With the presidents daughter
Won't get shot again!

Pick her up for prom
I'm so nervous, Dang She's HOT!
Crap! I peed my pants!


I neutered the fence
Selling fate in pickled form
My grace is a carp

Jimmy Baker's free
His parole officer believes
gave him 80 bucks

Walking on the paid
Falling through the learn of skip
smell with 12 degrees

I am getting tired
I could write haikus all day
Please support war amps.


I'm serious. I COULD write Haiku's all day. My Haiku's stink out loud, but for what I lack in quality, I make up for with quantity. I'm way better at limmericks..the true art form. Anyway, Until Next Time,

I'm The Armchair Geek
Writing Haiku's past midnight
Time to go to bed!


  • Your mother so fat
    That when she jump for joy
    She got stuck

    sank you sank you

    By Anonymous Fanger, at 9:50 PM  

  • This post was awesome
    I think you are so crazy
    Make more haikus, eh?

    By Blogger Andrew L, at 11:10 PM  

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