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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One of the FUNNIEST comments I've heard in a while...

I thought I had heard it all...well, most of it...well, some of it. Now I know that I know next to nothing! I've often had rude customers. I've often had stupid customers. I've often had young customers. Last night, I had all three rolled up into one. Here's the tale:

Family comes in with two daughters. Both girls were quite attractive and looked like they were 20-22, but based on their behaviour I guessed that they were around 16-18 (they were both like 5'10 though, so taller women often look older). Anyway, Dad was the main spokesman of the ensemble. He informed me that they were looking for new computers and wanted something basic; 1 gig ram, 200 gig hard drive, dvd-burner, etc. (That's not basic...divide those numbers in half for "basic" these days). I had a system like that and it was $699. He frowned and said that he was thinking of paying around $500 for something like that. So, the sales 'swashbuckling' ensued.

I asked him if he had seen anything of such spec at said price. He said that we were the first store that he had come to, but he 'knew' the going rate for things. He started asking me why my prices were so high and as I moved to get a flyer from a competitors store for illustration's sake, the phone rang., so I asked them to excuse me for a moment seeing that I was the only person in the store.

Now up until that point, the girls had only said that they wanted the computer for MSN and downloading (insert expletive) and whatnot. They admitted that they didn't care about the other stuff and only only wanted something that "didn't suck". They also were giving me goofy looks; very sassy and the sort of look that an arrogant 'mildly attractive' girl gives a guy when she thinks he's checking her out (I really pitty the girls who think they're more attractive than they really are. Life must be full of frustrations...)

Now once I was on the phone, the girls both did a lap of the store and then headed for the door, motioning for the parents to follow suit. I was about to clasp my hand over the phone and say something when the one girls turned her head sideways and asked the other girl, more than loud enough for me to hear, "why would I ever buy a computer from a store that had bars on it's windows? What kind of (insert expletive again) store is this anyway? I mean, oh my God!"

I then waved at them and mouthed the words 'good night'. The one girl turned, gave me an "as if" look and didn't wave back. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. I mean, since when does having security precautions on a store with $250,000 worth of electronics equate that it's a sub-par merchant? Some people must simply exist entirely for the sake of entertaining the rest of us. Keep it coming! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Pawnshop Merchant


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