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Thursday, May 04, 2006

So a Priest and a Donkey walk into a bar...

Okay. Some days people just astound me. Behold the mighty dramatic re-enactment of this event:

Customer walks in: Hey. I bought this here and I was wanting to return it.

Me: (looks at item). Hmmm...that's a Canon scanner.

Customer: (interupts)...that doesn't work with a damn. It'a s piece of sh*t and I want my money back.

Me: And I'm guessing that you should get your money back if it doesn't work. So how can I help you with that?

Customer: (looks perplexed, talking in sarcastic voice) Well, how about giving me my money back?

Me: That's a great idea with only one problem. We've don't now and never have sold Canon scanners. We don't sell scanners at all and I'm guessing that you didn't buy that scanner here.

Customer: What are you talking about? Of course I bought it here. I think I'd know the store where I bought this!

Me: Where did you buy it?

Customer: (getting agitated) Asian Spoodle Dinkler! (names have been changed to protect the stores involved)

Me: Well, I'm guessing you should go there. This is Asian Poodle Sprinkler... You're at the wrong store. (The store in question is across the city, is a different color, is 4 times as big and on and on...I cannot understand how he got THAT confused).

Customer: What? What are you talking about?

Me: You're at the wrong store sir.

Customer: (turns red) Oh. Well, have a nice day then. (turns and leaves)

Me: Have a great day!

I must admit, after he left, I laughed at him, not with him. I'm such a bad person. Until next time,

The Armchair Asian Spoodle Dinkler


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