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Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Crazy Math for the Prairie Chickens!

Okay. I was reading one of my textbooks tonight and took a break to crunch some numbers. I'm a total chimp at math, but I think this is pretty accurate. This is for all the Toontowners. More math about the crazy amount of people here:

Western Canada = about 9.4 million people living in 2,712,729 square kilometers (1,047,426 square miles)

Los Angeles County = about 9.8 million people living in 10,518 square kilometers (4,061 square miles)

That's 258 times more area with 400,000 less people.

I don't think I'll ever grasp that everyone from Honkouver to Winterpeg lives in an area a third the size of Vancouver island [32,134 square kilometers (12,407 square miles)]. Basically LA county is the size of the area from Victoria to Port Alberni. Brain Freeze. No wonder there's crime here. There's EVERYTHING here!

In an unrelated note, I went to Hollywood the other day and bought a dozen CD's at a crazy huge music store called Amoeba Music. That place is like Virgin Records in Vancouver, but with more obscure stuff. (Hey Dustin: I now own every Ayreon album but one. When you come, bring some cash to buy tunes! What's even funnier is that right now, I'm listening to A Mennonite Tapestry by the West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir. Didn't see that one coming, eh? Listening to Plautdietsch choral music? I'm thinking that absolutely nobody from California [short of a few hundred Lepps from Reedley] will have any clue what I'm talking about! HA!) Until Next Time,

The Ardillón Trasladado Forzosamente


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