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Monday, August 28, 2006

Quick note from the local library!

Yessir folks,

I'm in a library, blogging away again. I cannot wait until I get internet at home, but I'm surviving still. So, time for the Geek news.

First off, I'm currently uploading (as in this very second) the first installment of my video blog. We'll see how this works. I recently discovered that all that 'down time' I previously had at work should have been spent doing something productive, like learning how to do video editing...HA! I'm the most useless video editor on the planet, but I'm guessing that I'll be getting better. Anyway, my first blog was mad in like 2 hours, and that includes filming time (and 20 minutes of trying to figure out NeroVision...Cam! I need you NOW!) If this all works out, I'll post the link.

As for Sothern California, it's pretty similar to being in the Okanagan. It's hot here, people drive like they're escaping from Godzilla's flaming rampage and it's packed like the beer tent at the Labatt Brier, except that it's packed for around 40 miles in any direction around here. LOTS of people...

...But people aren't as rude as I figured they'd be. I've met mostly nice folks around here...except when driving. Americans have this thing about laying on the horn the second they suspect anything might impede their freedom to violate the speed limit. If you're not off a green light like a top fuel dragster, people honk like mad. I get honked at like 5 times a day, and I'm a fairly aggressive driver. It seems like everywhere I go, there's someone honking at someone else. Kinda strange, especially seeing that the last time I was honked at in Canada was when someone was trying to scare me in the church parking lot. HA!

Hmmm...what else is strange about California (or more specifically Burbank)? Well, there are street signs posted at ground level all over. Mostly one way signs. That made me laugh; I'll have to take a picture of it. There's "one way" signs, like 6 inches off the ground, all over. Bizarre. Must make them easier to read or something...?!?

Oh, and the rap music videos don't lie; everyone and their dog has a vehicle with 22" rims and low-pro tires down here. It's not uncommon to see a $700 Honda with $5,500 worth of chrome on it. Also, there's tons (and I mean thousands) of BMW's and Mercedes down here. I picked up an auto trader and you can get a 4 year old 740il for under 20 grand. No kidding. I might pick one up and drive it home when I come back. Even with border taxes and exchange, I could make an easy $5-8,000 on something like that! I'll check into it though...and I'd probably have to sell it in Calgary!

There's a bunch of food that I can either not buy or not find down here too, and a LOT of things aren't available in huge bulk sizes. (And I'm getting a nasty craving for sausage rolls...oh man...like serious shakes!) That's not that bad though, and Barry was right; I shoulda stocked up on iced tea. The iced tea down here is like "tetley tea", but cold. YUCK! None of the real Good Host stuff. I'll survive though; at least I can have lemonade.

Well, I'm done uploading, so I'm going to Skype some phone calls now. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Ardillón Trasladado Forzosamente

*huge props to Doctor M. Trew on that one*


  • Hey man, sorry took so long to read your blogs, was away on holidays and just got back. And yes I did warn you about the Iced Tea. Awh well, you learnt your lesson lol. Looks like your getting nicely settled in n stuff.

    Mebbe I'll toss you an email one day.

    By Anonymous B to the a to the rry, at 2:48 PM  

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