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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A little math project...

So I've been doing lots of research into California as of late. I've been working on memorizing a map of Burbank (my new home in TWO weeks), I've been learning all about California law (and American banking), and I've constantly been using Google Earth to find where things are in relation to my new address. This morning, in a fit of semi-time wasting, I checked out some population numbers and performed a little math. I honestly cannot get these numbers into my head:

As of January 1st, 2005, the state of California had 36,810,358 people living within it's boundaries.

Los Angeles County had 10,226,506 people, and it seems to average growth 141,435 people per year. (So basically 2/3 of Regina move to LA County every year. *yikes!*)

the city of Los Angeles, come January 1st 2005, had 3,957,875 people in it, so I'm pretty sure it's over the 4 million mark now.

Other than Los Angeles, there are 87 'suburbs' of LA City in LA County, with an average of 72,053 people each, and 15 of those suburbs are in excess of 150,000.

It's literally just city down there. Going on forever and ever! Just along the oceanfront, from Santa Monica to San Joaquin Hills is over 60 miles...pure city. One suburb after another. On the northern tip of the 'concrete jungle', from Yucaipa to Hidden Hills, is over 100 miles. (That's like from Saskatoon to Chamberlain...all city! Oh Man!) It's just a crazy-go-nuts contcrete jungle.

Anyway, I'm going to have some interesting times down there. For those of you who haven't heard, this blog (my tech/venting about work blog) will still exist after 2 weeks. I'll be leaving the sweatshop though, so the blog will change accordingly. It will change to a "Adventures in being mugged" blog, a sort of ''venting about California" blog. I'm sure there will be several hilarious antics to report, and plenty of funny stories of Americans who don't know anything about Canada...and so on.

Oh, and I MAY go shopping somewhere in California and put all my crazy stories to use...Soon I will be the idiot customer! Oh, and on a hilarious closing note:

I was in Regina yesterday, at Best Buy. I was visiting a close friend and she wanted to run to some 'techie stores' to check some things out with me and pick my brain (aka. be seen in public with your royal hotness here). Anyway, she wandered off and I was fondling some cell phones at Best Buy. One of the sales monkeys comes up to me (one of the computer/cell guys) and we started talking about cellular plans, EVDO, Windows Mobile 5 and whatnot. By the end of the conversation, I ended up teaching him a bunch of things and telling him how to use Bittorrent (which he had never heard of...lol). I even showed him how to load a torrent client onto the Best Buy floor computer, showing him how easy it is to pirate software like a Hutterite prostitute. I cannot believe how silly some of the sales guys are at some big box stores. As if I would trust a guy like that to help me buy a computer. Nice guy though, I think he bleached his teeth. Probably is in the managers office today, right now, getting screamed at like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.


Honestly. What a Doug. Big Box stores hire monkeys (albeit nice, well mannered monkeys) to sell stuff. BUT, You've all got 2 more weeks to take advantage of my 'crazy-go-nuts' pricing. No price is too crazy! Come ON in! I'm losing my mind and you're getting CRAZY deals! Until Next Time,

The Armchair PirateBay

(Weberta. You said you'd be buying a compie from me in August. I'll sell you something in Cowtown from out here, over the phone! I'll go nuts! Promise!)


  • good luck with your new adventures in the south, may you find many lemmings to befriend.

    By Blogger wagboy, at 1:03 PM  

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