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Monday, July 17, 2006

Will you shop for me Miss Krebapple?

Every now and then, people call my store and seem to be confused as to the purpose of the retail store that I work at. They call me and expect me to help them shop for a product that I don't sell, or they call me and expect me to find them the best deal on something at somewhere else. I'm not kidding in the least.

A few days ago, a guy called and was looking for a tiny laptop, with every feature imaginable. H wanted something with a DVD-RW, a gig of RAM, a 100 gig hard drive, wireless N (not even out yet), a dual core turion processor (BARELY out yet), and an 8 inch screen.

I told him that "I don't have anything along those lines..." and I proceeded to try to communicate to him what I DID have. I'm not sure if he understood English (he didnm't have an accent), but he simply restated his 'shopping list' to me again.

I then hopped on the internet and did a quick bit of exploring, while on the phone with him. I told him that the product he was looking for didn't exist. I then found that there were 2 or 3 products that were available in a 12.1 inch screen, and he asked me what they were. I told him the name and he asked me where to buy them.

At that point, I realised that I was shooting myself in the foot so I suggested that he give me his name and I'd call around to see if I could get one of those items in, then I'd call him back.

Then, as a response to my offer to 'order one in for you', he suggested that he didn't want to deal with my store because he'd heard bad things about it; we know our stuff but our prices are way too high and our service stinks. Instead he was wondering if I could shop online for him, find him the best price, and then send him an e-mail or tell him where to shop.

I wasn't shocked, but I almost laughed over the phone at him. "Excuse me? You heard that I'm smart but offer poor service, so you're wondering if you can glean my wisdom without the commitment of purchasing from me?" I went on to explain that I was surprised to hear that and mentioned that I'd love a chance to give example for what fantastic service I CAN offer. I asked him where he heard such things (he didn't know...lol). I tried to explain that I appreciated his vote of confidence in my technical knowledge, but I apparently needed an opportunity to repair a tarnished reputation and I'd go the 'extra mile' for him, if he'd give me the opportunity.

He then said "Look. I don't want to fight. Just give me the number of the other store and I'll leave you alone".

I tried to tell him that I had found the products listed on the internet, on a 'web site' and I would have too look for the phone number on the web site, but as I was saying that he said:

"Geez! If you're not going to help me than fine!"

and he hung up.


Two things were crazy:

1. A guy calls me, insults me, and then expects me to use my 'knowledge' to do his shopping for him and shoot myself in the foot.

2. For some reason or another, I was playing along. I almost ended up finding the phone number and giving it to him...and I would have if he wouldn't have hung up on me. I don't know what came over me!

Well, so much for that. Even the best of us trip up once in a while. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Shopping Monkey


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