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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Credit Schmedit!

Okay. I had a horrible phone call today. Here's the deal.

A guy calls, wanting to finance a computer. That's no big deal as it happens like 4 times a day. But, as in all calls, I explain the financing terms and ask him the two questions:

1. Do you have a job?

He says yes.

2. Do you have established credit?

Again, he says yes.

Normally, that would mean that he would have a good chance of getting something financed. BUT, as our conversation continues, I learn the following:

1. The "job" he has is sitting at home collecting social assistance. I was unaware that collecting wellfare was a vocational option. So, he doesn't have a job.

2. The "established credit" he has is "established bad credit". He has several credit cards that are maxxed out and he has a line of credit with some institution that is also maxxed out, plus he has several other "various" outstanding debts.

He apparently was rejected for a computer finance by Rentown (and their criteria for financing approval is "conscious") so he's calling around town to every computer store to try to get a computer. Apparently he "really needs one super bad". I try to explain to him that the financing done at The Blue Oyster (name of the store I work at...or is it?) is not done in house, but is instead done through a major financial corporation. I try to explain to him that if he's got too much outstanding debt and maxxed out credit, he will have problems getting more credit and debt. He calls me a "stupid f*cker" and hangs up.

Apparently he doesn't need a computer. He needs to get out of his mother's basement and learn some social graces...and how credit and financing works. Anyway, that was a weird call. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Blue Oyster


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