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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Don't call me Bruce...

Okay. I've not posted something for a while, but here's a few CRAZY things that happened in the last 2 days:

1. A guy drops off his computer for service and we tell him, like we tell everyone, it'll be 1 or 2 days until we get around to it (since we have 15+ machines in waiting) and we'll give you a phone call when we know what's wrong so you can decided if you want it fixed or not. So he comes back in the next day with his wife and asks why we haven't called him. I try to explain that we haven't got around to it yet and he asks for his computer back. I again try to explain what's going on and his wife demands that I give them their computer back. So, realizing that 'reason' will go nowhere, I give her the computer and as I open my mouth to ask her if she would like us to call her when their computer's turn comes up, she looks me in the eye and says "You know, you're known around town for having bad customer service". I'm taken back at the sheer rudeness and insinuating tone of her voice. So, I ask her to name a single person who's said that we have 'bad customer service'. She then says "well, everyone says that but I don't think that." Apparently this adult woman is in grade two. She then turns around as I'm speaking and walks out. You know what went on in my head?

***(inner monologue) "What the heck!? If you KNEW that I was known for bad customer service, then why did you bring your computer here?! Beyond that, why are you surprised at my 'bad service'? Shouldn't you have expected it ?"***

Sheesh. Beyond that, I'm wondering if she consistently seeks out providers of bad service? I wonder if she asks around to find out which doctor in the city is the most incompetent and then scrambles over there to get her appendix removed? HA!

Lady: "Doctor Sheep-dip? I hear you're a total quack? Is this true?"

Doctor: "Uh...I...uh...well...who says that?"

Lady: "AHA! That's not a 'no'! I'll be in to see you in 15 minutes!"

2. This kid gave me a crank call. With a friend giggling loudly in the background, the kid asked me what the most expensive computer was and I told him. Then, he asks me to get 4 of them ready for him to come a pick them up in 20 minutes. I tell him that he's in luck because we're having a 2-for-1 sale today. NOBODY showed. I was REALLY looking forward to see my manager's face when somebody showed up asking for the 2-for-1 deal computers and I said "I thought it was a crank call, but I am a man of my word!" At the end of the day, the store sells 8 machines for a gross profit of $56. That would be the day.

3. A guy calls, asking about a laptop. He sees that we have a certain brand of laptop and asks what our price is. I tell him that it's $650 and he asks me why we're so expensive. He tells me that he can get those laptops on E-Bay for like $300-400. I agree with him and explain that used stuff on E-Bay is most likely always cheaper that buying new goods at a store. He asks me why he would ever come in and buy something from a store when he can get the same thing on E-Bay for half the price? I tell him, again, the advantages of a local vendor selling new products over buying urine soaked products from Islamic Terrorists on E-bay, but my efforts at reason are wasted. He laughs at me and says he's "no sucker", then wishes me a "good day". I wish him well and give him words of encouragement in his efforts to aquire a Darwin award. He sounds confused and hangs up.

Until Next Time,

The Armchair Sucker

***and NO! I didn't mention anything about getting a "Darwin Award". I just threw that in there for giggles. Calm down...you know who you are.***


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