Tales of Idiocy and Woe...But Now I'm CRAZY in California!

Monday, June 12, 2006

And so it begins...

And the scores are in: 6.2 for technical merit and 9.8 for artistic expression!

OH yes! I made another boo-boo yesterday. Not TOO big of a one, but a boo-boo none the less. A customer came in with his 'tech friend', who was probably the most rude individual I've talked to in the last month or so. You know...one of those guys who has a vocabulary with no syntax; just stringing words together in a nonsensical way, trying to sound smart. It was entertaining for a little, but then got REAL annoying.

Normally, when I'm trying to help someone pick a machine, I tend to try to get them something that they need, and something that will not be overkill for them. People often are told to buy way too much or way too little. So, being that actually honest guy that I am, I often explain things and try to help them arrive at a realistic position on what kind of hardware they should be looking for.

The guy I was talking to yesterday wanted a simple machine for e-mails and internet, with the possibility of downloading some songs and whatnot (he had kids). I was aiming him at a $550 machine and his friend basically started constantly contradicting me and actually saying that I was wrong (to my face). I'm not a terribly proud man and understand that I am often wrong on things, but I don't like being 'corrected' by a person who doesn't have the faintest clue what they are talking about. The tech friend was saying things like : (warning: there is some technical language coming)

- "A dual core machine is twice as fast as a single core machine on everything because 2 processors are twice as fast as one processor" (not true in all cases...single core machines are often way faster for gaming, among other operations)

- "Processors all have 8mb L2 cache these days and some have 16mb or 32mb." (He's confusing hard drive cache with processor cache)

- "You need at least a gig of ram for the internet to really run smooth". (sheesh)

***and on and on and on. I finally gave him my card and introduced myself as the guy who worked at the computer store. I then asked his 'tech friend' where he worked, and he told me (NOT a computer related field at all). I replied "oh really?" I don't think he got the hint, but I gotta admit that such a comment was definitely uncalled for. Doh. Apparently, I AM human afterall (and stupid at times...okay. Most of the time). I hope everyone has a laugh at my expense. Enjoy the moment! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Geek


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