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Monday, June 05, 2006

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

...when we first inhale THC. Or in some cases Crack/cocaine. Today we had a 2-part crack-attack. I wasn't really involved in the first part of the crack-attack, but I was in the vicinity as my manager was on the phone for around 25 minutes with a very unhappy lady (I don't get all the crazy drano-guzzling customers). I heard him trying to explain to her how the cheapest computer we had most likely wouldn't be very good for serious video editting, and how it is normal for a store to not refund something for full refund after 6 months. That gave me a hint what was happening.

After he got off the phone, he clarified my suspicions: The woman on the phone, 6 months ago, came in and bought the cheapest thing she could find, expecting it to be able to handle some serious video editting (including a fairly hefty program from Pinnacle Micro). Apparently the cheapest thing we had wouldn't cut it, so she expected a full refund 6 months after the purchase and apparently was one of those "when in doubt, throw a tantrum" customers...

...Which is a point that needs some clarification...

I must admit. One of the biggest disappointments I had when I 'transitioned' from youth to adulthood was discovering that adults are way stupider than I had been previously lead to believe. When you're 15 and expected to show everyone respect and call them "sir" or "ma'am", for some reason you think that adults know what they're doing...because they're adults. Now I know that a scary percentage of the populace is simply stupid with a good resume. I've met plenty of 'adults' who deserve the term; they know how to communicate and troubleshoot and be responsible and whatnot. They don't act like children. Sadly, there are plenty of adults who do act like children, with several annoying remnants of their childhood surviving well into their 'adult' lives.

One of the annoying remnants of childhood in many 'adult' lives is the temper tantrum. Some adults, when they were like 3 years old or something, figured out that if they kick and scream and be generally headache-inducing, people will get extraordinarily frustrated and eventually give them what they want. I remember the first time I witnessed an obvious 'adult' temper tantrum. I was 19 and working for the BC Provincial government and one of the guys at my office didn't get what he wanted, so he stormed around the office slamming things and kicking filing cabinets and going on and on about how "it's not fair". I was so stunned at his infantile behaviour, I started laughing at him (not knowing what else to do). For some reason, I found myself cleaning out old filing cabinets for several days after that (though I found several super cool government documents on Canada's nuclear weapons and lots of government nuclear emergency manuals...which got 'lost' somehow).

Okay. Enough of that.

Customer was throwing a tantrum because she made an unwise and uneducated purchase and was trying to save face. My fantastic manager offered to purchase back her old dead woodchuck and give her a stunning deal on something more capable of video editing. I don't remember if she took the offer. Either way, that's only the first part.

The second part was in the evening, while I was doing cash out. The phone rang and it was a lady who was quite cross. She informed me that her computer didn't work, her daughter had a project for school, she was supremely unhappy at our store and the service she had received, and she was going to now let my talk to her daughter and I was not going to get off the phone until I had solved her problems and walked her through whatever program it was that she was having problems with (she was very commanding...I love that! Reminds me of my mom!). For the sheer wonder at what was coming, I remained silent and proceeded to let her daughter get on the line.

After running on and on for 10-15 seconds about her software, I proceeded to ask her simple questions. It appeared that she had an analog video camera with a USB cable, and she had bought some video editing software (something from Pinnacle) and couldn't figure out how to work it. She asked me if I had the program in front of me and I sadly informed her that I didn't even have the software available, but I would try to help her over the phone. After trying to describe things and trying to guess through the program (for around 5-7 minutes), I asked her if she had a paper or digital manual for the software she bought. She said she "didn't know" and I told her that I most likely wouldn't be any help as I neither had nor knew the software that she was trying to use. I was about to advise her to possibly call Pinnacle software (they ARE the manufacturer and most likely know their own stuff the best...) and her mother grabbed the phone and informed me that I was useless and she was going to phone the store from where she bought the software, but if they couldn't help her, she was going to call me back and I was definitely going to give her my manager's home phone number. I didn't even get in a single syllable before she hung up on me.

I stuck around to see if she'd call back, but no beans. I was prepared to break into tears over the phone, but I never got my chance to shine. Most likely for the best. I love how some people think that being rude to me will make me want to help them more. I find it funny how vengeful fools get even more angry when you bend over backwards and do whatever you can to accomadate them; it only makes them look stupider for slandering and screaming at you.

Until Next Time,

The Armchair Crack Attack


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