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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pawn at Dawn on the Lawn...

Now, here's proof that the stuff I invent is half as funny or weird as the stuff that happens in real life. Fo Shizzle! So, I'm here this morning and a guy comes in with a duffle bag full of 'merchandise' asking if we take things in "trade". (Suspicious entrance). I know the answer is a resounding "NO!", but out of curiousty I say "well, depends on what you're trying to trade. If it's a relatively new laptop or desktop, we may definitely take it."

Is it?

Come ON! Not even remotely close. So what was in the tickle trunk?

1. PCMCIA ethernet card for windows 95/98.

2. Magnetic Tape eraser...I've never seen one, but they're apparently used for erasing VHS tapes and cassette tapes. (technology from before the death of Kurt Cobain)

3. VGA to TV adapter for DOS (eeep!) or Windows 3.0 or 3.1, and it's the size of a small laptop...aka freaking HUGE! In the days before S-Video outputs on video cards (circa 1997, But Windows 3.1 was circa 1994), those things were used if you wanted to see your Harvard Graphics pie charts from your Amiga on your cathode ray tube television...you know, the TV's like the ones they had on Star Trek...the one first one. The old fashion kind. Sweet.

(Suspicious products)

Apparently he got it all at a pawn shop, and now is trying to sell it. (Suspicious story). So, just for giggles, I gave him $100 from the till. Just Kidding. I explained to him that his stuff wasn't worth anything, offered him a donut, and bid him a good day. (I was going to write something smart-alecky here, but I'm trying to be nicer online. Apparently some of my friends are scared of being on my blog...so that's a hint that I've become a tad mean. Doh! Don't fear me, for I am a loving, kind, individual! Hugs for all!) Until Next Time,

The Armchair Pawnerer

- On an unrelated note, holding a magnetic tape eraser (very powerful electromagnet) to your head for a few minutes apparently makes your nose bleed. Just FYI.


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