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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The PLP's Found Me!

Okay. A few days ago, two of the most stereotypical geeks I've ever seen came into my store. You know; quite overweight, not too kept up hygienically, making lustful comments about computers and making plenty of horrible jokes.

The one guy came through the door, looked at all the PC's and laptops and boisterously exclaimed "Oh boy! I feel like I'm in heaven!" I looked up and almost laughed. The two of them pranced around (that’s right. I said “pranced”) and joked about how awesome “WOW” would be on this and that.

You know you’re in the presence of true geekdom when everything is referred to by it’s acronym. It’s not “World of Warcraft”. It’s “WOW”. And “Counterstrike” is “C.S.” And “Dungeons and Dragons” is “The Game”, which is what is meant by “Game Night”. Geeks don’t play poker…they apparently still play “The Game”. Oh, and when you hear the word “larping” in a sentence, that means you’re in the presence of men who don’t floss. Don’t EVER ask what “larping” is. Just turn and walk away. (Mr. Pizza - They actually used “larping” in a sentence…)

One of them had to buy something, but he only bought a mouse. He made excuses after excuses for why he wasn’t buying the biggest machine in my store, and it was important that I understand he has the money but doesn’t want to. Anyway, as he was using the Interac machine, he punched in his pin. Then, the LCD on the pinpad says “Awaiting message” as it attempts to connect to wherever it connects to (I’m guessing Space Mountain…It’s a well known fact that Michael Eisner the debit machine). The wonderful geek couldn’t resist and said “Awaiting massage…oooooh! I am awaiting a massage…that would be so awesome! Sarah Michelle Gellar; oil me up!”

His friend and he both laughed.

I puked.

He then looked at me, and with a serious tone, said “It’s okay. I know it says ‘message’. I was just kidding!” and then looked at his friend and smirked, as if to suggest “He totally thought I thought it said ‘massage’! What an idiot!”

They both left, laughing and talking about their upcoming “Game night”. I immediately ran to the Batcave and logged onto my blog! HA! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Geek


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