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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Form Letter...

Finally, I got that stupid Nigerian form letter scam today. I've always wanted a good scam letter. It was one of the stupidest letters ever. Your dead relative, Mr. X, died in Africa in a plane crash and had 25 million dollars. If you want half, send me back your bank information and whatnot.

What an IDIOTIC letter. So, I sent the following reply:

Dear Don,

I got your e-mail about the plane crash of my relative, whom I've never heard of and know with certainty that I'm not related to. You're quite generous to offer $5,000,000 to someone on the basis of a common last name...that's not suspicious in the slighest. Thanks for the scam letter. Between the bad grammar, bad spelling (you mis-spelled your OWN name) and "This invitation was sent to you by someone who viewed your MSN public profile" disclaimer at the bottom of the e-mail, you're definitely in the running for the trophy of 'stupidest criminal alive'. Now it's true that this scam might work for some people, for there are idiots everywhere, but I'm sure your own relatives will get suckered by you only three or four times. With the money that you raise from robbing your own family, please invest in an elementary school education. May you get caught and spend the rest of your life fighting off the sexual advances of your cellmates,

Dr. Cliff Huxtable.

P.S. - I pinged your IP and hacked your system and sent your idiotic form letter and IP and other personal information anonymously to the RCMP and Interpol. Remember: it's never too late to live in fear.

I'm normally not that mean, but hey! He's a criminal who preys on fools and the elderly. If I could, I'd tattle on him and send him to jail for life. I hate computer criminals...especially the stupid ones. You just KNOW that some friend got them into the 'guaranteed money making' scheme. What a dinglehead. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Nigerian Millionaire.

P.S. - I DID NOT reply to that e-mail from my regular account. I have special e-mail accounts for that kinda stuff...anonymous and whatnot.


  • That's a great letter, man. I hate those scams so much... and most of them write as though they're from Russia and the like, so they intentionally have bad grammar. Right.

    By Blogger forevergirl, at 7:10 AM  

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