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Friday, November 04, 2005

Ho My Goodness!

Customer conversation. For real. BEHOLD:

Customer: Hey, is it possible to see where someone has gone on your computer?

Me: What, with like Internet Explorer?

C: No. With opening programs and things like that. Seeing what documents they've read...that kind of thing.

M: Not easily, at least not that I know of. Why?

C: Well, I had some friends that I'd met a few weeks ago and they were staying at my place while I was gone and I think they got into my banking information.

M: Oh? Why do you think that?

C: Well, they had a week alone in my house with my computer and all my banking information is done on it. The computer saves my passwords so I can just click and get into my banking stuff, and I'm scared that they've gotten into my banking stuff and stolen some money from me.

M: (thinking carefully, choosing words) Okay. Well, have you called your bank?

C: Yes. I changed my passwords and whatnot, but they may have my account information. Can they put a keystroke recorder on my computer and see my new passwords?

M: Well, yes. They could do that, but people who have that kind of knowledge and cajones usually go after businesses and the like. They wouldn't bother with stealing $5,000 from you when there's billions out there to get.

C: Well, that account had like two million dollars in it.

M: (*choke*...suspecting that I'm dealing with some kind of criminal...who else has chequing accounts with two million in them?) Well, if there's any suspicion, we could simply erase your hard drive and re-install windows and then everything that could be on your computer would be erased. All key-loggers and whatnot. That would definitely napalm anything on your computer.

C: Sounds good! Let's do that!


Okay. Holy Freaking Monkey Bums! What kind of person lets people, who he's know for a 'few weeks', crash in his home unattended for a week with his computer which has easy access to around $2,000,000? I was tempted to laugh, but I figured he was a Hell's Angel or some other form of organized crime. (Let's just say he looked the part...). Biz-zarre. Talk about a weird 5 minutes of time. Until Next Time

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