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Saturday, November 05, 2005

She Sells Sea Shells By The Lex Store...

Okay okay. Customer and her boyfriend come in yesterday. Printer no workie. Want me fixie. Me take printer and give it a shakie. Printer makes noisy and sounds like a maracca. I suspects that there is somethings that broke off and is jangling around. So, I shakes it and guess what comes out?

a. A piece of plastic?
b. Some paper?
c. Something metal?
d. A Bird?
e. A Plane?
f. Superman?
g. None of the above?

The answer is "g. None of the above". What fell out were sea shells. 3 medium sized sea shells. We then put in a piece of papers and it printeded no problems. So, I turn to the boyfriend and ask "who was trying to label their sea shells with the printer?"

He turns red and she pokes him hard and calls him a 'moron', saying "I told you it wouldn't work!". They both walk out embarrassed out of their trees and I amd left wondering how 3 medium sized sea shells got into the printer. Either way, I suspect it was something stupid that he did not want to admit too and I laugh. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Aquaman


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