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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Consider the Following...

Okay. Strange conversation like crazy...

Now for those who know me or follow the various cacophonous insanities that compose my life, you may remember that I have two interesting room-mates. One is a traveling salesman that is here maybe 5 nights a month and the second is a traveling something whom I’ve only seen twice, until last night. Consider the following:

I’m making some supper for myself and my second roomie comes in. I greet him and ask “what’s up Sven?” (Names have been changed accordingly). Sven tells me that he’s just flown in from Arizona and is just grabbing some clothes and a shower because he’s taking off again. I ask him where he’s going and he says “Munich’. I was kind of surprised and asked him what was in Munich. He told me “work’ and when I asked what kind of work he did he said “uh, networking”. I asked him if he worked with computers and he laughed to himself and said “no”. I then asked him to elucidate about his job and he smiled and said “networking” again. I didn’t want to push it, so I left the matter.

He then asked me if I had thanksgiving plans and I told him that I had several offers outstanding and I was going to have to decide about Thanksgiving. He told me that I ws welcome to go to (City around an hour away in Southern California) and have Thanksgiving with him and his family. I didn’t know he was married, though I knew that he had another house. He admitted that he was married and had several other houses. I asked him where and he started going off “London, Munich, Geneva, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Shanghai, Sydney.) I choked on my milk and said “Wow! You’re like a real world traveler! What do you need all those international properties for?”

His answer: “work”.

Then he left turned, walked out the door and left.

Call me crazy, but does that sound like organized crime or something? Millions of dollars of international property and working a job with no description beyond its title? I can see what would happen if my place got raided by the DEA or something! The newspaper reads:


Oh man! I sure hope not! Then again, it probably wouldn’t surprise me, after the crazy happenings as of late! Something new for the prayer list! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Implicated Bystander


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